We offer quality support for our Customers. We ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Over the past 10 years, we have several Satisfied Clients who have repeatedly come back for more services. We offer a complete solution for all the client needs whether it happens to be a small business or a large corporate sector. Every business has different needs. Our team of specialized experts work closely in identifying the needs of the business-  and offer a comprehensive solution. Our goal is to build a long-term continued relationship with our customer. We ensure that our solutions do not carry any loopholes – and the customer is completely satisfied with his service.

Here is a list of a few of our Services:

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is one of the most sought services. The domain name registration is very important for any company.

We offer a comprehensive list of services to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

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Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services plays a very important role in today’s emerging technology.

Some of the core aspects we take of you are: Virtual Infrastructure, Benefits and Technology.


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Router Configuration Services

Router & Server Configuration is very important in a mid-to-large scale businesses. There are lots of factors that we need to look at. Our team of configuration specialists can help you cater your needs.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery is very important for every business. In today’s world, recovering lost data is one of the critical issues during a laptop or a database server crash.


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Help Desk/Remote Support

Help Desk/Remote Support is a very important aspect for all IT Companies. We at QCom Consultants, work hard to ensure that you are fully covered for all your needs.

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