We conduct the following training programs for you:

Basic Computer Training

In this course, we are here to teach you the basic computer training. This will greatly help you with your basic skills and knowledge.

Computer Literacy for Windows 10

In this course, you will get the opportunity to learn the basics of Windows 10.

Digital Marketing Specialist

The expansion and growth of Digital Marketing has risen to its heights in the past decade.

The number of jobs in Digital Marketing has dramatically increased over the years.

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Social Media has strongly risen over the past few years. The certification in Social Media proves to be a valuable asset for your organization. We provide you a comprehensive training that will help you develop valuable skills and assets for your industry needs.

SEO Specialist

The demand for SEO Experts has risen over the past decade. Google has constantly revolutionized its search algorithms.

We ensure that our students are highly skilled and trained for meeting the growing demands of the Industry.

WordPress eCommerce Developer

E-Commerce Business has risen dramatically over the years. It is very important to learn on how to build ecommerce websites and promote them online. We offer you the complete training that will help you build your online business.

Data Analytics Specialist

Data Analytics is extremely important for many organizations.

We provide complete training and support for your web analytics learning, growth and development of your knowledge and skillsets.

Network Administration Specialist

Computer Networking is a very important aspect for many organisations. The need for computer networks has risen over the years.

We at QCom Consultants offer you complete training and support for your computer networking needs.

Who can Attend these Training Programs



It’s a huge opportunity for the students to get trained on the latest programs that are of high demand in the market. We provide complete hands-on training for the students. The students can learn and develop invaluable skills. We also help in securing placements for our students. Our HR Team helps in working on your resume – thereby helping you achieve your dream jobs.


Corporate Professionals

Individuals who are seeking to change their careers or upgrade their skills, we offer a complete solution. We customize the training package based on your needs. All training is completely hands-on. We ensure that our professionals are very knowledgeable and skilled. This will help you achieve better jobs with greater compensation.



For aspiring Individuals who are looking to start their own home-based business or a new venture, our training programs will help you gain the invaluable skills required for the success of your business. You will find our training invaluable and we help in the success of your business.


We offer the best in-class training for all our students. We provide Industry-Recognized Certifications and also 100% placements for our candidates.

Industry Oriented

Our training is comprehensive and completely industry oriented. Our training is based on the latest trends and strategies of the Industry Standards and techniques.

Organized Curriculum

Our Curriculum is designed with instructional methodologies and delivered through structural modules.

Developed by Experts

All the course material is developed by Industry Experts who have more than 10 years of professional experience. We keep abreast with the latest strategies, tools and technologies that are taking place in the current market.


We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee in all our training programs. We work to ensure that our students are best.

On-going Student Support:

Your support does not end with the course. We provide you ongoing support after the completion of your program. We care about your success in your career and life.

Hands ON

Our Curriculum is designed with instructional methodologies and delivered through structural modules.