Social Media

In order to drive maximal social traffic to your client’s online store, it’s crucial to understand the value and benefits that each network provides for your marketing strategy. We ensure that you have a strong social presence in your community. This helps you increase your brand awareness. This also helps you attain the highest possible authority – and thereby helps to increase your social listening.

We take good care of our customer’s social media channels by offering:

The following are the Social Media channels that we work on:


Coming in at over 1.3 billion users,Facebook is the most popular social media network. It’s a great place to share rich visual content, and target new users through affordable and effective targeted advertising. 


Instagram is a fast growing, photo and video sharing social network with over 300 million users worldwide. Brands take advantage of Instagram’s highly visual community to connect directly with their audience. Instagram is also a great platform for visual marketing campaigns.


Twitter has over 232 million users, with especially high adoption in the United States. Twitter users exchange content with their followers, who can then share with their followers, and so on. This makes Twitter particularly amenable to growing your client’s social reach. 


LinkedIn is known as a professional network and is especially popular with businesses selling to other businesses. Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn lets you promote posts to reach audiences not currently following you. On LinkedIn, people are most interested in discovering industry insights. 


Pinterest is another great channel for your clients to promote their products. Pinterest accounts for 13% of all social media traffic to Shopify stores and is especially useful if your client is selling niche products like antiques and collectibles or books and magazines.


Google+ is a fast growing social network with over 300 million active users. But that’s not what makes it a great social channel to be on. As Google+ profiles have a role in Google search results, having a solid presence on Google+ is a great way to create extra SEO juice for your client’s store.