Personal & Family Tax

Creating, managing and maintaining wealth is a key aspiration for most families. The tax system can be both a help and a hindrance – tax costs can be a barrier but the tax system includes a range of reliefs which may, if used properly, help grow and maintain wealth.

At QCom Consulting, we have years of experience in advising families in this area and will work with you in getting the most out of the tax system.

Advising family business:

Some of the services that we provide are:

Investing Tax-efficiently:

Identifying the best investment opportunities to grow your wealth is challenging enough but with personal tax rates as high as 55%, tax adds a further layer of complexity to the process.
At QCom Services, we have a particular expertise in helping clients identify tax efficient investments that reduce their tax burden and optimise their wealth.

Our team has many years of experience in:

Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation:

Without a good succession plan in place, wealth can be significantly eroded as it passes through the generations and hinder growth prospects for a family business. Tax costs of course are a key factor, and often a barrier to transferring such wealth. A good succession plan will seek to not only mitigate these tax costs but also address a range of other issues. The ultimate objective will be to put in place a plan that will address the needs of all interested parties, which can include the long-term interests of a business, while also minimizing tax costs.

We work with families to:

Many of the tax exposures and reliefs are well known. What really sets us apart is our ability to tailor the use of the reliefs and put in place structures that allow the needs of the various parties to be met.

Personal Tax Compliance Services:

We provide a range of personal tax compliance services to support the needs of our personal tax clients. As a private tax client of our practice you can expect to receive the following tax compliance services: