Data Recovery:

With the help of our recovery services can get your data back quickly, regardless of the media type. We offer the state of the art quality services for our customers. Data Recovery is extremely important in today’s world. Lots of important data gets lost due to server crashes or spyware issues. With our state of the art advanced technologies, we can easily recover your data with a minimal turn around time.

Some of the services that we offer for you are:

Hard Drive Recovery

We offer professional hard drive repair and recovery with verified security. We specialize in treating all types of hard drive failure including read/write head crashes, electronic damage and more.

Raid Repair

We provide full RAID repair services for all configurations including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and nested RAIDs. With dedicated RAID recovery engineers and the industry’s best technology, we deliver consistent results to help your business avoid unnecessary downtime after a server crash or other unexpected event.

Raid/Server Recovery

We specialize in RAID recovery and repair. Our teams have experience with every RAID configuration, and we treat each array as a high priority. If you need a professional resource for secure RAID recovery, we can help.

Database Data Recovery

We provide advanced database repair and a comprehensive set of professional data recovery services through a large network of facilities. Whether you use a SQL variant or a proprietary database application, our specialists can quickly restore your system to a functional condition while maintaining excellent security controls.

SQL Data Recovery

We offer a specialized database recovery and repair services for SQL. Our engineers have significant experience with the SQL programming language and popular variants, and we can quickly restore damaged databases to limit your business’s downtime after a data loss disaster.

File & Email Data Recovery

We offer a dedicated resource for file and email data recovery. With dozens of offices and the industry’s most complete set of security credentials, we give you a fast way to restore damaged, corrupt or deleted files to a working condition.

Apple Mac Recovery

Apple computers have rapidly gained popularity over the past few years, and many of our clients use Mac and iOS devices to store emails, documents, databases and other high-priority files. While many Apple devices have built-in safeguards against data loss, no computer manufacturer can offer permanent protection.

Laptop Data Recovery

When your laptop fails, you need fast help from certified professionals to regain access to your most important files. Sudden hard drive issues or software errors can prevent you from accessing personal or business data, and when you cannot reconstruct the missing information, we can help you get back on your feet.

USB Flash Data Recovery

We pride ourselves in flash media repair and flash data recovery. Our facilities have specialized utilities and hardware that allow our engineers to work safely with all types of flash devices, and we offer industry-leading success rates for all formats.

eDiscovery Services

When people or companies are involved in a lawsuit they go through a process called discovery. Each side will ask the other side to produce information that is relevant to the case. For the past hundred years discovery has been done using only paper documents, it is not uncommon for companies of all sizes to have warehouses of historical documents stored for safe keeping.

VMWare Data Recovery

Virtualization is one of the fastest-growing trends for both web and storage servers. Many modern systems rely on VMware, which uses the VMFS cluster file system. VMware systems can store massive amounts of information, and when combined with modern RAID technology, they are a fast, safe option for businesses of all sizes. QCom Consulting Services specializes in virtual server repair, and we offer a comprehensive set of resources for VMFS systems.