Basic Computer Training Training in Calgary, AB

Attendees may include:

  • Individuals who are looking to get started with Computer Basics.
  • Anyone who wants to sharpen their basics on Computers.

How will I benefit?

The computer basics course provides you the fundamentals of using computers. This will greatly help you in navigating through the interface easily. With this course, you will learn the basic command prompts, the basics of saving and opening files etc.


50 Hours – Weekdays and Weekends


We understand your business is not like any other. You’re addressing specific marketing challenges and opportunities with a particular skill set, and that’s where our bespoke, in-company digital and inbound training comes in. If you’re looking to train five or more people, our bespoke option offers you the best value for money and the support of a dedicated digital marketing consultant.

Basic Computers course contents:

Course Content:
  • Introduction.
  • Getting Started with Your First Computer.
  • How to use your Computer’s Built-In Help.
  • Undo Your Mistakes.
  • Understanding File Extensions.
  • Downloading and Uploading.
  • Free Software.
  • What is a PDF File?
Course Content:
  • Setup a WiFi Network
  • Update your Software
  • Customize your Desktop Background.
  • What to do if your Computer gets a Virus
  • How to Setup a New Printer.
  • How to Power Cycle a Device.
  • Disable Applications Running on Startup.
  • How to keep an Old Computer running smoothly.
  • Tips for Speeding up Your Computer.
  • How to Fragment your Hard Drive.
Course Content:
  • Installing Software on Your Windows PC.
  • Installing Software on Your Mac.
  • Uninstalling Software from your Windows PC.
  • Uninstalling Software from your Mac.
  • Starting Computer in a Safe Mode.